Sprinkling Trucks for the Summer in Prague

The roads have been using sprinkling trucks for about 22 days now since the start of May 28.

Last year, the city used the sprinkling truck for a total of 16 days to cool people down for the summer. Cisterns run into the streets whenever the temperature rises for more than 25 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days. Weather channels have stated that the temperature for this week will reach 37 degrees Celcius. 

One sprinkling truck can be used for an average of 17 kilometers of Prague streets. They took a total of 12,700 kilometers in 22 days. A day of sprinkling and mist costs about 869,000 CZK. 

Sprinkling and fogging is part of annual summer road maintenance. “The reason is not only climate rejuvenation, but above all the reduction of dustiness and intensity of ground-level ozone,” TSK spokesman Barbora Lišková said. 

In these days, when temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, the roads in Central Prague and adjacent city areas are cooled by sprinkling and mist.

Author: A.M.

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