Spectacular Experiences With Festival Spectaculare

This year’s 10th edition of Festival Spectaculare is about to start and promises to be an experience for everyone to witness.

On the 10th of March Festival Spectaculare kicks off its spectacular 5-week program, bringing visitors fresh audiovisual content and inspiration. The program consists of domestic as well as global artists bringing us a wide range of music.

There will also be an educational aspect to the festival, with a number of workshops by artists, film screenings, and exhibitions; with something to discover for anyone open to new experiences, it promises to be a successful year once again. The program can be found on Festival Spectaculare’s website, and ticket can be purchased on GoOut!

The festival is curated by music expert Josef Sedloň, who has built Festival Spectalure up from a previous initiative. “We started Festival Spectaculare with the goal to concentrate more events in one month, to keep up with the growing audience” explains Sedloň.

Last year’s festival was the longest, lasting over two months. This year, the festival will go back to a more compact program but will still offer a wide range of concerts and events; music going from ambient to modern classical music, live electronics with overlap into experiment, and epic large-format visual performances.

“Our goal is to offer visitors a comprehensive audio-visual experience, which opens up a new multidimensional experience in connection with music. I believe that music develops a person internally, and supports his mental development. I wish that people would be able to get out of their musical stereotypes and try to go to at least one event that is close to them and that might change their perception of music,” said Sedloň while explaining the meaning of the festival.


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“The festival will show how artists, who have appeared at the festival during ten years, e.g. Mathias Grassow, Carlos Cipa or Max Cooper, but also new names such as the legendary French producer Chloé accompanied by a great Bulgarian marimbist, which is my secret tip,” says Sedloň. If you feel overwhelmed by the varying program, we recommend following

Sedloň’s advice; find an event close to home and open your mind to a new perspective-changing experience.

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