Snow, Ice Disrupt Transport Across the Country

czech snowfall

Heavy snow overnight also snarled transport in the Czech Republic.

International trains faced hours of delays while numerous Monday morning commuter trains to Prague had to be canceled. Trams and buses in the capital also were disrupted.

The D1 highway that links Prague with Brno, was blocked in several places by trucks while an accident halted traffic on the D8 highway leading from Prague to Germany.

Several households are without electricity supply, especially in Brno, Hodonín, and the surroundings of Znojmo.

Snow also complicates the train transport. In Central Bohemia, up to a hundred integrated transport connections did not run in the morning, practically all of them were delayed.

According to meteorologists, the snowfall was heavy at night, from 23 to 5 in the morning. “It snowed the most on the border of Central and Eastern Bohemia, in the Jeseníky and Orlické Mountains.

According to the preliminary forecast, this week in some parts of the country temperatures could fall to -22 degrees Celsius during the night hours, while during the daytime the highest temperatures should reach only -15 degrees Celsius.

The situation in North Europe

Transport disruption in Germany and the Netherlands persisted into a second day on Monday as heavy snowfall and icy temperatures gripped parts of central and northern Europe. Some Dutch children’s return to school after a coronavirus lockdown was delayed.

Trucks got stuck in snowdrifts overnight on the A4 highway near Gera in eastern Germany, while part of the A7 highway near Goettingen in northern Germany was closed after trucks became stuck on uphill stretches.

Railway operator Deutsche Bahn said services remained suspended across parts of central and northern Germany, with no long-distance trains running northeast from Frankfurt, west from Berlin, or southwest from Hamburg.

Dutch railway operator NS said a very limited service was expected in the Netherlands on Monday.



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