Smíchov is Home to Several Development Projects, Promise for a New Cultural District

There will be a foodmarket with small bistros, cafes and restaurants.

The site formerly occupied by the Smíchov Distillery will soon be undergoing an extensive transformation.

By 2026, a revitalization project inspired by London’s Kings Cross will be completed on the site of the former Smíchov distillery, situated between Nádražní and Strakonická streets, which has remained vacant since 2001.

The investor, the Trigema group, has introduced a three-stage plan for their development, including the construction of residential buildings, school facilities, and a food and entertainment district.

The project’s aesthetics plan to integrate the area’s industrial past, displaying the previous architecture – brick facades and original chimneys – alongside modern design.

Brownfield, which will offer over 500 new flats after the revitalization, is located between Nádražní and Strakonická streets.

Currently, both buildings are under monument protection. Work by David Černý, the famous Czech artist, will be displayed in a gallery located in the former brewery, alongside a cafe and terrace.

Artefacts from the area’s industrial past will be displayed throughout the area, Petra Martínková, spokesperson for Trigema explained. “The complete reconstruction required not only repairs to the interior of the building, including new plastering, ceilings, and staircases, but also the rehabilitation of the load-bearing structures.”

The architecture for the development was primarily inspired by London’s King Cross station. “We really enjoy industrial London, and it was part of the project brief,” explained Trigema founder, Marcel Soural.

Initial estimates predict the project to cost 4 billion crowns, reaching completion in 2026. The project’s first phase has been recently completed.

Trigema is far from the only development company investing in Smíchov. Sekyra Group has started construction on Smíchov City – a mixed residential commercial district located near Knížecí.

The train station also has plans for a complete renovation, called Terminal Smíchov.

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