Slovak Soldiers to Help in Putting Out Czech Fire

Slovak soldiers will join the international effort to extinguish the fire that’s been raging in the Czech Switzerland National Park.

On Thursday in Bratislava, the government approved the dispatch of 30 members of the Slovak Armed Forces for the purpose of humanitarian aid in managing the fires and eliminating their consequences.

They will go to the Czech Republic together with a Black Hawk UH-60M helicopter and appropriate equipment. Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď believes that the situation in Czech Switzerland will be under control within a short time.

The Black Hawk helicopter arrived at the deployment site yesterday, July 29.

An area of ​​approximately 1,000 hectares is burning in the Czech Switzerland National Park, and Slovak firefighters are already participating in the effort to extinguish it, who were sent along with a helicopter provided by the Interior Ministry.

Five helicopters and eight helicopters are also being used to combat the fire, which has been contained to a certain area in the national park.

At one point smoke from the fire could be smelled in Prague and other parts of Czechia. Officials say human carelessness appears the most likely cause.

The weather, especially the changing direction of the wind, has complicated the firefighting situation in recent days.

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