Slavia Prague to Invite Doctors and Paramedics to Football Game

slavia rangers doctors

Slavia Prague football club has decided to invite representatives of doctors and paramedics to attend a Europa League game against Glasgow Rangers on Thursday night.

According to the chairman of the board of directors Jaroslav Tvrdík, the club wants to thank them for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fans have not been able to attend sports matches for several months due to government measures. However, the clubs can invite three hundred VIP guests, who must undergo a coronavirus test and observe hygienic guidelines at the stadium.

For the previous home against Leicester, 600 people could attend the game. Slavia has started a pilot project called “Journey from Darkness”, which aims for fans to return to cultural, social, and sporting events.

However, the initiative was damaged by the presence of several well-known figures, especially the former Minister of Health and the then adviser to Prime Minister Roman Prymula.

Czech Television CEO Petr Dvořák, President’s Chancellor Vratislav Mynář, MEP Alexandr Vondra and tennis player Petra Kvitová, were also photographed in the VIP section.

“Slavia Praha, in cooperation with its partners and sponsors, would like to invite representatives of the country’s doctors and other health workers to the eighth-finals of Europea League. Thank you for saving our lives,” Tvrdík said on Twitter.

Shortly before the match against Leicester, Roman Prymula had called for a hard lockdown in the afternoon. After the match, Babiš explained that Prymula “lacks social intelligence,” and immediately announced that he would not be working with Prymula any longer.

This was not the first time that Prymula had caused a political storm. In October, he was seen leaving a restaurant without a mask, in breach of the rules in place at the time when he was Minister of Health.

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