Škoda Plants Its One Millionth Tree

Skoda’s ‘One car, one tree’ initiative, which sees one sapling planted for every car delivered in the Czech Republic, has reached its one-millionth tree.

Skoda Auto is planting its one-millionth tree as part of its ‘One car, one tree’ initiative launched in 2007, which plants a sapling for every vehicle delivered to a customer in the Czech Republic.

Representatives of Skoda Auto, the city of Mlada Boleslav, as well as the partnership foundation Nadace partnerstvi were present when the millionth tree – an English oak – was planted in the Three Emperors Park in Mlada Boleslav.

Over the coming days, further trees will be planted at the carmaker’s Czech sites: A Ginkgo biloba will be the initiative’s 1,000,001st tree, taking root in the Palace Garden in Vrchlabi, and horse chestnut will be the 1,000,002nd tree, to be planted in Solnice not far from the Kvasiny factory.

By the end of this year, the number of trees planted across more than 170 locations amounts to 1,093,000. They cover an area the size of 347 football pitches, which is the same as 227 hectares of new forest.

The project involves a total of 190 partners from all over the Czech Republic.

Since 2016, Skoda Auto has been operating a website (which can be accessed here), where the already planted ‘Skoda trees’ can be registered so that it is possible to track their locations.

Since the beginning of this year, every tree has been recorded on the website.


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