Schools in the Czech Republic Won’t Probably Re-Open Within This School Year

Czech schools that have been closed since March 11 over the coronavirus epidemic should have reopened in late May.

However, as Roman Prymula said in an interview for the news site, “it is unlikely that schools will re-open within this school year, at least not all of them.”

According to the country’s Chief Hygienist Jarmila Rážová, high-school and university students would return sooner, but younger children would most likely be kept out of the classroom until the new school year.

They said schools are in “exactly the same position as everyone else in the country” in terms of waiting for the science to guide when to lift restrictions on social interaction, workplaces and all other parts of society that have been forced to shut down.

“We will re-open all the schools when scientific advice indicates it is safe to do so.”

Norway, Denmark: Cautious optimism

Norway is taking a different approach again, prioritizing the reopening of schools as it eases containment measures introduced in mid-March.

It will begin to scale back its lockdown measures from April 20, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said, when kindergartens will start to reopen. A week later, schools will reopen for pupils in grades one to four.

Denmark has said it plans to send children back to school and kindergarten from April 15 if coronaviruses cases remain stable.



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