Samsung Unveils Christmas Ad Shot in Prague

We like interesting adverts and most brands come up with the best ones during the period before Christmas.

Samsung is no exception to this rule and they enticed us with a glimpse of Christmas in Prague.

The spot, titled ‘Quick Share the Holidays’, promotes a feature to quickly transfer files including images, and movies to other nearby Samsung devices in a wireless manner.

Even better, you can sync up to five Samsung devices at once to share content. You can also set the visibility of Quick Share to only your contacts, everyone, or even nobody.

As Apple did years ago, Samsung chose Prague for this year’s Christmas spot, specifically Římská street in Vinohrady (the block between Anny Letenská and Italská).

This was not the first time Samsung had filmed in Prague. This June, the Czech branch released a short film by director Matyáš Fára parodying horror movies, which was shot exclusively on the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra.

Part of it was filmed, for example, in the surroundings of the Vítkov Hill memorial.

Sharing is also the theme of this year’s Apple Christmas ad. Specifically, audio sharing via AirPods or Beats headphones. The American company, however, chose a more exotic destination for the holiday spot than Samsung, this time bringing snow to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also spared no cinematic tricks.

The protagonists are professional dancers Vinson Fraley and Gal Zusmanovich. This is the first global Christmas commercial with music with Spanish lyrics.

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