Saharan Sand to Arrive in the Czech Republic

Once again, strong winds have carried sand grains from the Sahara Desert to Central Europe.

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, on Sunday, March 19, these grains may fall along with rain in the Czech Republic, settling in characteristic orange streaks on windows, cars, and other exterior surfaces.

In the eastern regions of the country, the concentration of sand grains will be so high that they will color the sky orange-red, a phenomenon visible at both sunrise and sunset.

This occurrence will also reduce the amount of sunlight that passes through, which will affect the daytime air temperature.

Additionally, it may cause breathing difficulties for people with chronic respiratory diseases.

It’s worth noting that sand from the Sahara reaches the country almost every year, which upsets drivers but pleases… car wash owners, who immediately see an influx of customers!

Approximately 60,000 tons of sand from the Sahara make their way to Central Europe each year during heavy storms in the desert.

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