Regional Survey: Prague is Now the Best Place to Live in Czechia

Místo pro život survey 2022

The results of the twelfth annual Místo pro život (Place for Life) comparative survey, organized by the Communa company, were released this year. The best place to live is the capital city of Prague.

The South Bohemian Region came in second and Karlovy Vary in third place. On the other end of the list, the Moravian-Silesian region came in last place.

The survey evaluated the social and environmental aspects of life and the overall satisfaction of the residents. 3,500 residents of the Czech Republic took part in the evaluation, which included the areas of ecology and environment, childcare and education, infrastructure development, healthcare and social services, work, safety, civil society and tolerance, leisure activities and tourism.

“The winner was the capital Prague, which has the highest average wages, the lowest unemployment, and the highest number of universities, as well as doctors and dentists, not to mention, for example, the highest average life expectancy for men,” says David Pavlát from the Communa company.

The complete results – 2021 results are in parentheses
1. (13.) Prague
2. (5.) South Bohemian Region
3. (12.) Karlovy Vary Region
4. (1.) Zlín Region
5. (8.) Liberec Region
6. (6.) Pilsen Region
7. (2.) Highlands
8. (7.) Central Bohemian Region
9. (14.) Ústí nad Labem region
10. (11.) Pardubice Region
11. (3.) South Moravian Region
12. (4.) Hradec Králové Region
13. (9.) Olomouc Region
14. (10.) Moravian-Silesian Region

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