Pubs to be Banned From Offering WiFi and Music to Guests. How Will Workers Verify Guests Documents?

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As restaurants and pubs prepare to reopen their doors for outside seating next week, the government has mandated that WiFi and music not be provided to guests.

Minister of Trade and Industry Karel Havlíček announced on CNN Prima News that restaurants and pubs will not be allowed to offer WiFi or music to their guests so that people do not gather publically for long periods of time.

“Music and basically wifi are forbidden in the gardens because it is not the goal for young people, in particular, to meet, have a beer and sit there for four hours,” Havlíček said.

Restaurant gardens and patios are scheduled to reopen on May 17 with the condition that guests show proof of vaccination, negative PCR tests, or antigen test results. Government officials have not made it clear how this would work out logistically.

On Thursday, the government is set to announce specific instructions for how businesses are meant to handle the verification of customer’s documents. Havlíček also stated,

“In principle, the customer will have to prove himself – whether to the hygiene or to the restaurant operator – either by vaccination, a test or by having Covid.”

In order to make the handling of customers easier for the pub and restaurant employees, Havliček says there are mobile phone applications in production that will be available within the month.

“These days, we will be running applications based on vaccinations, confirmation of testing, or confirmation that I have undergone covid. They will be downloadable in the coming days, “the minister announced.

These applications would be similar to the “vaccine passport” being implemented in different countries in an attempt to revive international travel and tourism.

Last month, France became the first EU member state to test their digital coronavirus travel certificate. The TousAntiCovid app was downloaded by over 15 million users last month and is helping French health officials with contact tracing.

According to Minister Havlíček, by June, these verification apps will also be linked to the wider-used European “digital green certificates” which would facilitate international travel across EU member nations.

“It’s on a similar principle, but it’s basically a universal document that will apply everywhere. However, every country will be able to use it for various other purposes,” Havlíček told CNN Prima NEWS.

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