Public Transit Ticket Prices in Prague to Rise From August 1

From August 1, tickets for 30 minutes on the city’s buses, trams and metro in Prague system will increase in price from CZK 24 to CZK 30. Ninety-minute tickets will go up from the current CZK 32 to CZK 40.

The reason is the rising costs of public transport. However, the prices of monthly and annual passed will be the same.

“If we want to maintain and further develop the public transport system of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, it is necessary to agree on common prices for at least one-time tickets. The annual pass will continue to cost CZK 10 per day,” said the Deputy Mayor of Prague Adam Scheinherr (PRAHASOBĚ).

“Compared to twenty years ago, Prague City increased passengers’ comfort, but if we want to continue offering a better service, as the construction of the new metro D or new tram lines, we need to adjust ticket prices.”

“The increase in fares is only one piece in the mosaic of restructuring the sustainable public transport system. We are planning to improve the development of rail, trolleybus, and tram transport between Prague and the Central Bohemian Region in the coming years. And we have to finance it somehow,” said Petr Borecký (STAN), a councilor for the Central Bohemian Region.

Due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the capital’s fare revenues fell sharply, mainly from tourists. According to the deputy, the city will try to save 500 million CZK by re-competing contracts with private carriers.

Last year, the city’s authorities were planning a major increase in the price of a yearly pass, from the current CZK 3,650 to CZK 5,500 next year. Prague Mayor Hřib described that possibility as “extreme”.

Prague City decided to reduce the annual pass price in 2015 from the original CZK 4,750 to CZK 3,650.


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