Prymula: “No Epidemic Can be Tamed Without Economic and Social Losses”

Roman Prymula explained his decisions for imposing harsh restrictions to combat the pandemic. In his speech, which was broadcast on Czech Television and Czech Radio, he said that the next two weeks will be “unhappy and complicated”.

He continued: “No epidemic can ever be tamed or anywhere in the world without economic and social losses. It is not true that the choice is between economics and health. The economy only works when the epidemic is under control, hospitals are not full and people are not closing at home for fear of the virus.”

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Prymula also apologized for not insisting strongly enough on strict adherence to prevention during the summer months, when Prague infamously held a dinner for 500 on Charles Bridge. He also admitted that the government’s message had not been clear enough.

“I give you my word that we will constantly monitor the impacts of individual measures and evaluate their necessity and functionality. And if the situation allows, we will immediately release unnecessary measures,” he continued.

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The Czech Republic recorded 8,325 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, the second-highest daily tally since the pandemic started.

As many as 2,400 medical students will be recruited to help in the hospitals whose personnel was weakened by the coronavirus.

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