PRE to Increase Electricity Prices From April 1

PRE, the Czech Republic’s third-largest energy company with around 800,000 customers, has announced that they will be raising their electricity prices from April 1. 

The new prices will be 25 percent higher on average. In May, PRE will also increase the price of gas, by an average of 30 percent.

The change in the price of electricity does not affect those customers who have contracts with price fixation. In these cases, PRE will comply with all the provisions of the contracts without exception, according to company spokesperson Karel Hanzelka.

Almost three-quarters of PRE’s customers live in city flats and use a single tariff rate for electricity. According to the company, the price for this category of customers will increase in the total monthly payment from 50 to 250 crowns.

For other customers using electricity, for example for water heating, the price will increase again depending on the type of product and the amount of consumption by 100 to 400 crowns per month, the company said.

For gas, the average increase will be around 30 percent, but it may vary depending on the type of consumption. The vast majority of customers will then pay about 100 to 300 crowns more per month if they only use gas for cooking.

PRE last increased its prices on the first of September this year; the jump was by 7 percent, which translates to CZK 70 per month for a regular Prague family.

The largest gas supplier in the Czech Republic, innogy Energie, increased its prices from 20 November, with its basic Standard product going up by an average of 10.6 percent.

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