Prague’s Public Transport Schedules to Resume Normal Operations

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Prague’s public transport will resume its normal daily schedule. Trams and metro trains will shorten their intervals on Saturday 28 August, buses and trains will start the new schedule on Wednesday, 1 September.

This was announced on social media by ROPID. Public transport will thus go back to its operations in the time before the coronavirus pandemic.


Trams will now run every 8 minutes at peak traffic time, and trams 9, 17, and 22 will travel even more frequently- every 4 minutes.


“On all lines, the intervals between trains will be shortened for almost the whole day. In the morning rush hour, the trains will run even more frequently,” states ROPID. The intervals are about 2 minutes and 30 seconds on line A, 2 minutes and 20 seconds on line B, and 1 minute and 55 seconds on the line C.


For city buses, the frequency will increase on 1 September. On backbone lines, the interval returns to 6 minutes, on the busiest lines, there will be 5 minutes between connections. Other city bus lines will also become more frequent and the total number of bus connections will increase by about 15 percent, according to ROPID.

The only line that will remain limited compared to the spring 2020 situation is line 119 to the airport, where the number of passengers has not yet returned to the pre-pandemic levels.

Suburban buses

Connections to the suburbs will be made more efficient with the new school year beginning soon, although not at the same frequency as those in the metropolis. Most of the canceled evening connections will be resumed. “Part of the suburban lines will remain limited due to a smaller order by the Central Bohemian Region,” ROPID said.


As in the case of bus lines, the evening traffic on the S backbone lines will be resumed by rail. The R41 express line to Kolín and Kutná Hora and part of the connections on the R49 line to Tábor will also be launched. “The weekend train departures at 2:30 from the main railway station are still canceled,” informs ROPID.

Nighttime Operations

Nighttime traffic remains in the current limited mode, i.e. with limited operations during the weekends and no night lines to the suburbs.

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