Prague’s Christmas Tree Will Live On as Furniture For a Children’s Home

The Christmas and New Year holiday season has ended with the arrival of Three Kings Day on Jan. 6.

Employees of the municipal company Technologie hlavního města Prahy will start dismantling the Old Town Square tree, a process that will take several days.

Authorities decided that Prague’s main Christmas tree will live on as furniture for the children’s home of the Jarov Secondary Vocational School in Prague 9.

The furniture will be created by students from the Jarov Secondary Vocational School who are studying gardening and carpentry.

For his part, the director of the school, Miloslav Janeček, explained that they will cut it into planks and then dry them at school.

Subsequently, their carpenters will make furniture out of it – wardrobes, tables, or garden benches are all under consideration.

It is very important for our students if they can produce something meaningful in their teaching that does not end up somewhere in the warehouse, and at the same time something that is original. This year’s products from the Christmas tree completely meet this goal,” commented Miloslav Janeček, director of the Jarov Secondary School.

Last year, the wood from the Christmas tree was used for an elderly house in Malešice.

The new furniture is a symbol of the city’s recycling and sustainability efforts.

Councillor Vít Šimral also voiced his satisfaction with this project, noting the importance of recycling materials: “The result is perfect. I am glad that the tree will be used ecologically in this way and does not end up in a landfill or incinerator. It would be a great pity. We now see how such materials can be used for further use. Ecology issues are crucial for our students and remain relevant.”

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