Prague’s 5 Most Beautiful Yoga Studios

Whether you are simply a yoga virgin or have been a yoga addict for some time, I believe you will get the best experience when you discover a yoga studio you feel great in.

When I was new to yoga, finding the ideal studio in Prague took me some considerable time. Not that in Prague you do not have enough yoga studios – actually the opposite. But simply because I realized you don’t have enough pretty studios when you can calm down and relax. I don’t know about you, but I found it very hard to switch off in a not pretty looking studio.

Your practice environment should motivate you towards your goals and having a calm atmosphere is one of the keys. To me, the color scheme is very important – a mix of neutral colors.

Another key element is lighting – natural lightning is the best, but if you practice in the evening, soft light or candles are good options to set a good atmosphere. Mirrors on the wall are important to be able to check yourself while practicing various poses.

Last but not least, green plants – not just make studio greener, but to help achieve a good vibe and set the right atmosphere. And of course, green plants help to clean the air you breathe while practicing.

Have you ever wondered where you can find a pretty yoga studio in Prague? Here is my list!


  • U Pernikářky 111/2a – 150 00, Prague 5
  • 230czk – 450czk per lecture
Source: Facebook Namastery


Yoga Room Prague

  • Na Smetance 22, 120 00, Prague 2
  • 170czk – 200czk per lecture


Yoga Movement

  • Na Zatlance 1151/8 – 150 00, Prague 5
  • 250czk per lecture



  • Jindřišská 5 – 110 00, Prague 1
  • 190czk – 270czk per lecture


Iyengar Yoga Institute

  • Vodičkova 15 – 110 00, Prague 1
  • 170czk – 320czk per lecture


* price per lesson depends on various elements


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