Prague Will Raise the Price of P + R Parking

In a general increase in public transport fares from August 2021, the Prague Park and Ride system will stop the general CZK20 charge for day-parking and replace it with a charge depending on which location you use.

In guarded parking lots on the outskirts of Prague, the price will rise to 50 CZK, closer to the center – up to 100 CZK. Unattended parking will now be free, but only for 12 hours.

The biggest price increase from August will concern the car parks in Holešovice and Ládví, one of the car parks in Skalka and the parking lot at the Congress Center.

So far, drivers pay CZK 20 to park all day, except for parking at the Congress Center. Recently, these car parks will be divided into three zones depending on the availability of public transport and their location in relation to the center.

Free zone 0 will mean unsecured parking, and the maximum free parking time will be 12 hours. Zone 1, with a fee of CZK 50 per day, will include large guarded car parks with a capacity of over 600 cars.

Zone 2 with a fee of 100 CZK includes guarded parking lots closer to the center and with direct connections to public transport.

“Every year we invest about 40 million CZK in the management of new car parks, we are expanding their network, and we also pay special attention to the introduction of new technologies. We believe that people have noticed the extended offerings and will understand the price change,” said Barbora Lishkova, spokeswoman for the Technical Directorate of Highways.

“As in the case of changes in tariffs for public transport, in this case, the funds will be used primarily to maintain the quality and availability of parking lots and their connection with public transport,” she adds.

Since the last price increase in 2011, the capacity of parking spaces has increased by more than 1,500 units. In the coming years, new car parks will appear, for example, in Hostivar, Čakovice, and Podbaba.

However, the largest parking lot with a capacity of 800 cars will be built in Černý Most.

The City of Prague puts emphasis on traveling by public transport, which reliably carries Prague people and visitors to whatever destination they require.

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