Prague Wants to Get Rid of “Visual Smog”, Offering CZK 200,000 for More Tasteful Banners

prague fighting visual smog prague

Few things can spoil the urban landscape like improperly placed advertisement. This is especially valid for a historical city like Prague, whose beauty has few rivals in Europe.

The capital city has announced a subsidy program to motivate business owners within the UNESCO Preserve of Historic Prague Centre to modify their banners, shop windows and advertising methods in such a way that respects the architectural value of the building in which they are located.

Business owners can get up to CZK 200,000, to cover up to 70 percent of the costs.

The program, which the municipality published on its website, explicitly includes the modification of the graphic design, the implementation and installation of signs signboards, company signs, showcases, menu boxes and menu boards, and the marking of department stores.

“The establishment’s sign should fulfill not only its own advertising function, but its intention should also respect the architectural values of the property in question and the character of the environment of the Prague Monument Reserve.

The visual and aesthetic cultivation of the public space of the street interior is a key point of the program,” the document reads.

According to the municipality, such a designation should add value to both the historic building and the interior of the city, and in its form should contribute to the reduction of visual clutter.

As an example, it gives a change in the size, color or frequency of the logo compared to the typical standard and a reduction in the intensity of the backlight.

Prague has reserved three million crowns for the program, and business owners can apply through an online form.

The approach to visual advertising in Prague is part of a broader understanding of the tourist attractiveness of the capital and the strategy for the post-coronavirus return of tourism. Arguing that “Prague is not Disneyland”, the authors of the manual prove that the millennial city will be relying on quality tourism, and not one based on cheap alcohol and parties.

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