Prague Transport Company Modernizing Another 65 Trams

The Prague Transport Company (DPP) is modernizing another 65 T3 trams on partially low-floor wagons, which will then deploy on night lines. Modernization should be estimated at 455 million crowns.

It is the second wave of modernization of the legendary T3 trams, produced in the 1960s and 90s of the last century in the ČKD Tatra in Prague.

Applying to night-time connections is related to the DPP commitment to introduce barrier-free night transport. At the same time, night traffic is unlikely to have such high bargaining demands as to deny the fact that trams are low-floor only partially.

The length of the tram network is 142.4 km in Prague, with about 52 percent of the tracks running along its own tramway. Trams carry over 360 million passengers each year.

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