Prague to Innovate Waste Collection Using New Technology

Per a Facebook post released by the mayor’s office yesterday, Prague residents can expect a new “smart and gentle” way to deal with waste collection.

According to the post, Mayor Zdeněk Hřib plans to equip 6000 containers with sensors to measure how full the tanks are as time passes, streamlining waste collection. This way cars can avoid unnecessarily seeking out empty bins, while full bins are exported on time.

Hřib assures the changes will lead to cleaner container environments and less smog from garbage trucks since the technology aims to streamline the planned routes of these vehicles. He ensures the change will save residents a lot of money — millions a year, according to the statement on Facebook.

Thanks to the success of an earlier pilot project, Smart Prague, the city installed over 420 sensors in containers — mostly underground at the time. 

“Thanks to the sensors, we know when each container is full, so we can optimize collection routes, the integrity of the collection, or add other containers to busy locations.” The post also mentioned that residents can observe the occupancy of trash receptacles in real-time, thanks to the application

This “smarter” approach to waste collection is expected to amount to approximately 7.2 million CZK per year.

According to recent data, the greatest sum of money can be saved in the collection of glass containers, beverage cartons, and metal packaging. 


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