Prague to Host “Russians vs. Putin” Protest

On Saturday, March 26, in the center of Prague will be held a march “Russians Against Putin.”

Demonstrators will meet be at Náměstí Míru at 13:00 and then walk to the Old Town Square. The main organizer is the Prague Russian Anti-War Committee.

“Friends! We need this action. Citizens of Russia in the Czech Republic should be able to say loudly and massively: “No war”, “No Putin”, “We are with Ukraine”, “We are with the Czech Republic, Europe, and the whole world against Russian aggression”. It should be made clear that Russians in Prague, people of different nationalities, are part of Czech society, not secret supporters of Putinism”, they wrote on Facebook.

Over 200,000 Ukrainian refugees have now received special humanitarian visas in the Czech Republic, and the overall number of refugees in the country, according to mobile operators, is nearing 300,000.

The government last week negotiated with the regions about how many refugees they could take and the fire service transported some of those who arrived in Prague to other regions in order to even out the burden and provide refugees with more suitable accommodation.

In the coming days, the influx of refugees from Ukraine will increase, not only in Prague but also in other regions. Thousands more volunteers can join the registration system.



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