Prague to Announce International Competition for the Cable Car from Podbaba to Bohnice

Podbaba to Bohnice cable car

The Prague Transport Company (DPP) will announce an international design competition for a more than two-kilometer-long cable car that will link Bohnice in Prague 8 and Podbaba in Prague 6.

The DPP competition’s terms and conditions will be released early next week, and individuals interested can apply until the end of May. In August, the outcome should be known.

Until the planned tram route is built, the cable car will provide a direct link between Prague 8 and Prague 6. The competition is open to all architects and studios who work on transportation structural design.

The competition will be held in two rounds, with the jury selecting five advancers from the submitted portfolios to draft competition proposals by the end of July.

The cable car’s course will have only one branch, and hence the rope will be driven in both sections by the same driving unit. The focus of this competition lies on the architectural design of all three cable car stations – the lower station Podbaba, the intermediate station Troja, and the upper station Bohnice.

The cable car between Podbaba and Bohnice will finally take shape, as it was previously only known where it would head, how high above the Vltava it would pass, and the terrain through which it would pass, but now we will learn how the entire structure would artistically effect the surroundings. In a few months, we’ll submit the results, and then the design work will begin in full swing,” said Adam Scheinherr, Deputy Mayor for Transport (Praha Sobě).

The cable car will operate cabins with a capacity of 35 people and should be able to transport up to 2,000 people per hour in one direction.

Its goal is to connect Prague 6 and Prague 8, which are not far apart, but have no direct connection, forcing people to travel through the city center to get between them.

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