Prague Suspends Long-Term Visa Applications by Vietnamese

The Czech Republic has stopped accepting visa application requests and requests for work permits from Vietnamese nationals until further notice, the Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday, citing the recent overburdening of the Czech embassy in Hanoi and also security risks.

Interior Minister Jan Hamáček said “the measure has been taken as a result of the long-soaring number of these applications submitted to the Czech diplomatic mission in Hanoi, whose capacity has got overburdened, and also due to the risks that the National Security Council (BRS) discussed recently.” 

Hamáček added that the authorities would in future prioritize long-term residence applications made of the grounds of merging families.

Lubomir Zaoralek, former foreign minister who currently heads the lower house foreign committee, said the main problem between Czechia and Germany is the unlawful production of pervitin (methamphetamine) and the Chinese or Vietnamese gangs which produce it. The damage caused to the Czech Republic is huge, amounting to dozens of billions of crowns.”

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