Prague Will Invest 122 Million CZK on Cycling

prague cycling investment

Around the world, the number of people walking and cycling has risen to unprecedented levels during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government leaders are now taking steps to encourage this development through new infrastructure projects and funding, such as the Prague new 122 million CZK plan to improve and expand pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

The money will be invested in the construction of new paths, stands, and shelters for bicycles.

“The plan is to build bike paths and new trails in the capital. The aim is to separate bicycle transport from other types of transport as much as possible,” technical Road Administration (TSK) spokesperson Barbora Liskova said.

Prague administration plans to use part of the budget for the construction of a cycle path from Komořany to Lahovice, in Staroklánovická Street (Prague 21), while the route leading to Kunratice will be extended.

Moreover, the municipality will invest to innovate and enlarge sheltering facilities at train stations and speed up the process of laying the bike tracks, as well as new bicycle parking lots, where people can keep their bikes and continue by public transport.

The aim of all this activity is to increase the use of bicycles in the city and thereby reduce the number of cars on its often congested streets and, consequently, also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage people to exercise more.

Prague currently boasts some 515 cycling routes, covering more than 125 km.

We can say that the future looks bright for cyclists in Prague, as the city has finally caught up with many other cities and discovered the virtues of restricted speed zones.

Following the introduction of a 30 km/h speed limit in a residential area, many other local politicians have discovered the advantages of calming traffic. Slower traffic means safer rides.

So, fingers crossed: Prague needs more cyclists, as it has one of the highest numbers of cars among Europe’s capital cities!

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