Prague Ranks #35 Most Instagrammable Place in the World

Fact: people are obsessed with Instagram when they head off on their holidays – always trying to outdo each other with their snaps. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

With that in mind, global travel site Big 7 Travel has put together its annual list of the ‘World’s Most Instagrammable Places 2020’.

The final results are ranked in order of their visual allure and popularity on social media – Big 7 Travel also includes the seven best spots to visit in each destination for a guaranteed amazing Instagram photo.

How did Big 7 Travel choose the winners? Via a comprehensive scoring system that analysed the number of hashtags per destination, survey results of Big 7 Media’s 1.5 million audience, and votes cast by a panel of travel experts.

These are the places where you’ll find sweeping stretches of coastline, historical monuments, kitsch cocktail bars and more street art than you can possibly imagine.


  1. Sydney, Australia
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Dubai, UAE
  4. New York City, USA
  5. Singapore
  6. Tokyo, Japan
  7. Lisbon, Portugal
  8. Bali, Indonesia
  9. London, England
  10. Jaipur, India

Cities who made it into the Top 20 include Dubrovnik, Croatia, with Paris, France also receiving high scores, thanks to its pastel-coloured streets, lively markets, and famous photo spots. Other Instagrammable places in the Top 50 to add to your ‘must-visit’ include Istanbul in Turkey and Cusco, Peru.

This year’s winning destination is Sydney, Australia (the second year that Australia has been named the most Instagrammable place in the world by Big 7 Travel.) A combination of the city’s vibrant scenery and beauty alongside a ‘viral’ buzz surrounding Australia on how best to support its tourism industry means we predict travellers will go out of their way to showcase Sydney on their social media in 2020.

Instagram shows no sign of slowing down as a key driver in travel trends:

67% of people surveyed by Big 7 Media said they have visited a new destination after seeing it on Instagram, while 61% of people have booked a specific hotel after seeing it on their Instagram feed.

While printed guidebooks still have their uses, more and more tourists are using only Instagram for travel recommendations – 33% of people surveyed say they research their upcoming holiday destination via their Instagram feed.

With 77% of people surveyed taking 2-5 holidays a year (including weekend breaks), the most popular travel content on social media are Bucket List experiences and luxury hotels.

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