Prague Plans to Install Over 750 Charging Stations for Electric Cars

On Monday, Prague City approved a plan to implement over 750 charging stations for electric vehicles within the next four years.

The charging stations will be placed strategically throughout the metropolis and in the following five years there will be several thousand more charging stations installed.

The legislation approved was titled General Development of the Charging Infrastructure in the Capital City of Prague until 2030 and city management also approved a plan for the construction of charging infrastructure.

Prague’s Mayor Zdeněk Hřib believes this initiative will help Prague catch up to other modern European metropolis’ in terms of electromobility,

“As part of the analysis of the environment, technical solutions and trends in the field of public charging for General, Prague was inspired, among other things, by experience from other European capitals with a comparable population. In Vienna, Hamburg, or Rotterdam, electromobility is already in a much more advanced stage of development, so Prague is happy to learn from them, said Hřib.

Prague city councilors approved the legislation on Monday with the goal of increasing the air quality within the city.

Real-time metrics of Prague’s air quality can be tracked using Accuweather’s Air Quality Index and currently shows the city at a “Fair” rating of 40 out of 250 (Dangerous).

The initiative will run in conjunction with the previously approved, Czech National Action Plan for Clean Mobility and Prague City Council’s commitment to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by 45 percent over the following ten years along with the ambitious goal to eliminate these emissions entirely by the year 2050.

According to the approved legislation, it is anticipated that by the year 2030, there will be over 200,000 electric vehicles in Prague accounting for 30 percent of total cars within the city.

Popular Czech vehicle manufacture ŠKODA Auto have announced that it plans to produce a quarter of its cars with electric motors by 2025. Each of these electric vehicles would have the capability to drive up to 700-800 km in one full charge.

One of the main hurdles of implementing this project is how costly its construction would be. According to figures included in the plan, the most expensive option for building this network of charging points would cost up to 2 billion crowns.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is to have over 4.5 thousand elective vehicle charging stations available in parking spaces by the year 2030.

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