Prague Plans for Tourists’ Return With Visitors Pass

In an effort to boost tourism following the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, visitors will be given ways to explore outside of the hotspots while traders will work towards earning a sustainable business marker.

These measures were announced by Prague City Tourism during an online press conference on Monday. Led by Prague councillor Hana Třeštíková (Praha Sobě), PCT board chairman František Cipro and PCT board member Jana Adamcová, they announced that tourists will be given a visitors pass which offers benefits and discounts.

Prague experienced more than a 90% decline in tourism between April and June this year, which has cost the country billions of Crowns.

But the city continues to look forward. “In the beginning, it was necessary to face the overtourism that has plagued us for years. Now the streets are empty, but this state is not final and we hope that tourists will return and tourism will resume. And we want to be ready for that time, “said Hana Třeštíková.

She continued: “We want to express a change, a view of the form of tourism. We emphasize the sustainable development of the city, respect for the cultural heritage and life of the city’s inhabitants.”

With these aims in mind,  PCT  is developing projects to improve the future of tourism. They currently have  58 projects prepared Entrepreneurs and their organisations will also be able to work towards certification of sustainable tourism.

Adamcová also wants to raise money from European funds to create an application that would allow them to control the flow of tourists and send them information. “It would allow us to have dynamic tourism management that we don’t have now,” she explained.

New routes are also being developed to help tourists navigate the city outside of its tourist hotspots. “We do not want them to perceive Prague only as a Castle, Charles bridge, and astronomical clock,” said Třeštíková.

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