Prague Planetarium Will be the Most Modern in the World

The Prague Planetarium is undergoing an unprecedented renovation as it updates its outdated display system with cutting-edge LED Dome technology.

This technology will include 45 million LEDs distributed across the entire dome, making the Prague Planetarium the biggest and most contemporary in the world.

The new system is anticipated to last up to 25 years, with outstanding picture contrast and minimal upkeep expenses.

The new projection system, according to Jakub Rozehnal, head of the Prague Planetarium, will enable for a degree of quality and contrast not possible with traditional systems.

The expenditure includes new air conditioning for waste heat recovery, ductwork, and hall machinery, as well as an increased number of chairs.

The proposed rebuilding and modernization, which has received a CZK 250 million subsidy, is scheduled to take place from mid-May this year until spring next year.

During this time, visitors will have restricted access to certain areas of the dome. If work allows, the display in the foyer, the underground simulator, the gift store, and school workshops, including the one that operates the Planetum-1 satellite itself, will stay available.

With this technology, the Prague Planetarium will become the world’s biggest planetarium, beating comparable technology located in Dubai and Osaka, which have smaller domes.

Visitors will also have access to the Simulatorium, a brand new area in the subterranean planetarium.

This section includes four simulators: the Atlantis, L-39, Eagle, and Rover, as well as a spectacular light tunnel and a gallery of backlit nebula pictures, making it an enjoyable and peaceful spot to lose yourself in space and time.

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