Prague Named Most Child-Friendly City in Europe in 2022

Top child-friendly cities for holidays revealed by OVO Network data

Prague has been named the best city due to the city’s access to water parks, museums and amusement parks. There are 15 per 1,000,000 residents and tourists.

The average for European cities in the study is just 3, that’s a 500% difference in Prague’s favour.

The Czech capital also ranks in first place for access to museums. More than Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and Berlin. There are 280 in the city, with other cities around Europe averaging 97.

Prague also has some of the safest streets in Europe. The city’s crime index is 24, only Zurich, Munich and Zagreb have safer streets from the cities in the study. At the opposite of this particular category is Birmingham, Marseille and Naples – where parents should keep an even more keen eye on their children’s exploits.

Considering air quality when holidaying abroad is an upcoming phenomenon with air pollution rising. Prague has the fourth cleanest air when comparing other cities on the continent. Its ranking is only beaten by Copenhagen, Helsinki and Edinburgh.

Best by Datapoint

The best city for child-friendly attractions in Europe is Lisbon with 660 per 1,000,000 residents and tourists. Over 50% more than second-place Edinburgh and 127% more than the European average.

The coastal capital is a true trailblazer for things to do with kids. Athens, Dublin and Zagreb make up the top five in this particular category.

Zagreb’s transport costs are the lowest in Europe with an average one-way ticket costing the equivalent of €0.53 – way under the continent’s average of €2.13. Cities like Bucharest, Budapest and Prague also rank high for this category. At the opposite end of the category’s rank is Rotterdam where a one-way ticket costs north of €4.00 – maybe best to stick to Liverpool or Rome if the Beautiful South’s travel guide is anything to listen to.

Finally, air quality, is an under-the-radar consideration for holidaymakers but one which is important to consider – clean air creates a perfect ambiance for refreshing the mind whilst away. Copenhagen has the cleanest air in Europe with Edinburgh and Helsinki ranking in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Palermo, Madrid and Stockholm also feature in the top 10 for this category.

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