Prague Revealed as 2nd Most Crypto-Friendly Destination in the World

The popularity of digital tokens such as bitcoin has been increasing sharply over the past year. As cryptocurrencies gain hold in the mainstream world on their way to mass adaptation, with it comes to the rise of locations to use these coins to pay for goods and services.

New research by Fast Private Jet, an authorized private jet agent and booking broker, set out to show which global capitals are the best options for the crypto-savvy traveler looking to capitalize on venues and hotels that accept digital currency as payment.

Slovenia has the highest market capitalization per capita of blockchain. As Slovenia is fast becoming engrossed in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the country is also facing new legislation around cryptocurrency to determine how crypto holdings and transactions are going to be taxed.

The country’s government is looking to adopt a 10% flat tax for people exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat money which would also apply for purchases made with crypto.

Prague came out as the 2nd best crypto-friendly destination in Europe. The city has one of the world’s first Bitcoin-only coffee-house, Paralelní Polis. Prague has been known for its advancements in the everyday use of crypto where people can go buy their shopping, see a film, and even pay their rent.

Spain’s capital, Madrid, comes third in the rankings for Europe. In 2021 Spain created new legislation around the use of cryptocurrency for businesses, but there is still little regulation around spending cryptocurrency in the country.

Spain still doesn’t recognize cryptocurrency as ‘legal tender’ but Spaniards can choose to buy gift cards for stores using their cryptocurrency, which they can then use online and in-store in clothing shops and on tech and electronics such as Netflix subscription gift cards and Amazon (ES).

Malta is the least crypto-friendly country in Europe with zero amenities

There are currently no regulations around cryptocurrency in Malta. Although there are no restrictions on the exchange, mining, trading, and investing of Bitcoin, the country is still behind its European neighbors when it comes to places to splash your digital cash.

According to coinmap, Malta’s capital Valletta does not have anywhere for people visiting the city to go and spend their cryptocurrency.

Other cities with surprisingly few places to spend crypto include Luxembourg and Monaco. These destinations are sought after luxury holiday destinations – with Luxembourg being the wealthiest nation in Europe and Monaco known to be a favourite destination of the rich and famous. Due to the audience these destinations attract, we expect to see more crypto-friendly spots appear in these metropolises in the near future.

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