Prague Mayor Served Fish Soup to Public

Every holiday season, the mayor of Prague serves carp soup at the Old Town Square market.

Originally the soup was intended for the homeless, but with growing interest from the public, it became something of a social event with scores of people turning up to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

A part of the Czech holiday tradition is fasting all day before the Christmas Eve meal in the hopes of seeing a magical golden pig in the sky. The idea is popular among children.

The soup was made according to the same recipe used in previous years, which calls for carp, cream, caramel, and brandy among other ingredients.

Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib and Prague 1 mayor Pavel Čižinský served over 3,000 portions of the traditional Christmas soup.

Many tourists also tried the fish soup on Wenceslas Square.  The Prague 10 district headed by Mayor Renata Chmelová (Vlasta) was offering fish soup in Vršovice this morning, meanwhile, fish soup and borscht were also offered by Letňany Town Hall politicians.



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