Prague Masopust to Take Place This Year from February 25 to March 1

The Czech version of Mardis Gras, Masopust is celebrated in Prague each year with colourful costumes, food, drink and a fanciful parade.

While Carnival is celebrated around the world from Brazil to Venice, Prague puts its own special twist on the event.

Masopust, as it’s known in Czech, is a vibrant celebration that marks the end of winter and ushers in spring with a number of parties and parades full of colourful costumes throughout the city.

Singing, dancing, eating and drinking are all key parts of Prague’s Masopust festivities. To take part, just put on a mask and join the fun.

In 2022, Masopust Prague will take place between 25 February 2022 to Tuesday 01 March 2022. 

The biggest parties and celebrations take place the weekend prior to Ash Wednesday, with Shrove Tuesday being the biggest day of celebrating.

The Letna Carnival Parade of Masks will be held winding its way through numerous cultural institutions, including the National Technical Museum, Letka Club, Museum of Agriculture, Letenska vodarna, Scarabeus Gallery, the Coffee Museum.

Theater performances for the whole family will take place in the Letka Hall from 4:00 pm. There are also carnival exhibitions and magic performances held in the exhibition tower. The children’s choir will be performing in the Letenska vodarna.

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However, it’s the Žižkov neighbourhood that holds the honour of hosting the longest-standing Masopust celebration in the city with its parade and festivities in Jiřího z Poděbrad Square taking place for over 25 years.

During the carnival period, the square is filled with live music, great food and lots of drinks. Parade spectators can expect to see larger-than-life puppets, colourful floats and whimsical costumes winding through the streets, finishing off with an impressive firework display in Park U Viktorky Zizkov.

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