Prague Ranked #25 Most Honest City in the World

prague honest city ranking

How honest do you think Prague is?

A new study has determined the benchmark of the top 75 prominent cities out of 350 around the world. The study focuses on the cities with the most honest citizens, including data on car dealerships, governmental transparency, press freedom, and theft perception.

The new index by Twinner autoscanner company, shows that Zurich, Switzerland, is the most honest city in the world.

The survey focused, for example, on handling petty theft or the honesty of citizens and car dealers in various metropolises.

In the final group of 75 cities, Prague ranked 25th.

According to all criteria, Zurich gained the highest possible score of 100 points, followed by Tokyo, Australia’s Adelaide, Phoenix in Arizona, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Munich, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, and the top ten is completed with Australia’s Brisbane, earning a score of 91.4 points.

With 89.3 points, Prague ranked 25th, gaining the most points for civic honesty, for which the Czech capital received 92.8 points. Other decisive factors were, for example, a transparent economy, politics, and the society as a whole.

While in the last-mentioned category, it received 71.7 points, transparency at the government level earned Prague 75.6 points.

As for the category of handling theft, Prague finished in 10th place overall, surpassed, among others, by Tel Aviv, Valencia, and Stuttgart.

With 75th place, Madrid closes the ranking. However, according to Twinner, the last position should not be viewed as a loss, as the ranking aim is not to ridicule metropolises or call them dishonest.

All 75 cities are among the best in the world. Overall, 350 cities were evaluated, but scores of the vast majority of them were not published.

The city in 350th placed received only 50 points, but the city name was not disclosed.

The survey was based on a large amount of national data. Twinner assessed data on corruption, budget transparency, and integrity.

In the economic sector, the survey focused on the so-called “shadow” or “gray” economy, such as tax evasion, undeclared work, and money laundering.

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