Prague Councilors Approved the Construction of Metro D

metro D prague

Prague Council approved the construction of the metro line D in the section Pankrác – Nové Dvory.

Construction will take eight years and it should cost CZK 52 billion, suggests a document discussed by Prague city’s municipal Transport Committee.

The city authorities are also counting on subsidies from European funds.

The Metro D line has faced numerous delays. Construction was originally supposed to start in 2010. There was a petition in 2016 to change the approved designs for the stations between Pankrác to Písnice because the designs are already outdated, and do not reflect current trends in mass transit.

Metro D will connect the city center to neighborhoods in the southern part of the city that now has poor public transportation options. The trains will be driverless.

Artists Vladimír Kopecký, Jiří Černický and Stanislav Kolíbal will design the new Metro D stations Nádraží Krč, Nemocnice Krč and Nové Dvory.

“Our goal is to make every station a place of high artistic value where Prague citizens will feel comfortable. The new line will not end up like the last Metro A stations,” Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě) said.

The construction of the new metro line D is one of the largest transport projects that will affect the lives of the capital and its inhabitants in the coming decades. Hundreds of thousands of people pass through the Prague metro and its stations every day, so it is important for us that Prague residents feel comfortable when traveling on the new line.

“I am glad that art competitions are taking place. Thus, Prague does not compromise in the field of aesthetics due to the ambition to realize modern visions and to present new metro stations that will withstand global competition” said the mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib.

The Prague Transport Company has launched a website entirely dedicated to the upcoming metro.

Visitors will be able to find detailed information about the new line, and the latest news on the construction.

Prague Metro network

The Prague Metro was founded in 1974, and now comprises three lines (A, B and C), serving 61 stations (predominantly with island platforms), and consists of a transit network 65.2 kilometres long. Prague Metro system served 589.2 million passengers in 2012 (about 1.6 million daily), making it the fifth busiest metro system in Europe.


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