Prague City Increased Tourism Budget by Over 8 Million CZK for 2023

tourists in prague

The City of Prague has begun to consider additional ways to attract tourists to the capital of the Czech Republic.

Recently, the city has increased the budget for media campaigns supporting tourism by 8 million crowns.

In 2023, the municipal government will provide 30,850,000 CZK to events which promote tourism, as well as organizations such as the Prague Audiovisual Foundation Fund.

The increased spending is expected to support a more vibrant and full calendar of cultural events, which will draw greater numbers of tourists to the capital.

The additional funding of 8,350,000 CZK will be allocated to Prague City Tourism for the production of marketing campaigns, promoting cultural events, sustainable tourism, as well as addressing the negative impact of increased tourism on locals in the city.

One such campaign – At Home in Prague – seeks to nurture domestic tourism, whereas another project – Stay in Prague – is a campaign which promotes the wealth of cultural history in the city. Enjoy and Respect Prague is another campaign funded by the municipal budget.

“Being at home in Prague does not mean behaving irresponsibly towards your surroundings. Prague should not be a destination where people go for alcoholic parties. Therefore, at the same time, we are continuing with another campaign called Enjoy and Respect Prague, the aim of which is to educate arriving tourists about the culture of behaviour, thereby helping to mitigate the negative effects of tourism on everyday life in the metropolis,” said Deputy Mayor, Jiří Pospíšil, Chairman of the board of Prague City Tourism.

František Cipro, spoke on the increased budget. “We are very happy that the city systematically supports marketing campaigns. Through them, too, we manage to fulfil the goals of the sustainable tourism strategy in the metropolis.”

“We can finance all these campaigns thanks to the higher collection of fees for overnight stays, which amounts to 420 million crowns for the year 2022 alone, when we want to return the greater part of these funds to the development of tourism and motivate tourists from all over the world to visit Prague and perceive it as a cultural and modern destination where they will want to spend more time thanks to the quality program and various events,” added Deputy Mayor Jiří Pospíšil.

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