Prague Will Try to Attract Domestic Tourists and Give Vouchers Worth 3,000 CZK

prague voucher campaign
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Last summer and this, Prague city poured millions of Czech crowns into campaigns to attract domestic tourists.

The government will be delivering 500 million CZK in the form of vouchers worth 3,000 CZK, (for children under the age of eighteen – 1000 CZK).

As reported by the minister for regional development, Klára Dostálová, visitors attracted by Prague’s marketing drive to use accommodation services can claim vouchers offering entry to a wide array of attractions and cultural performances.

Rail and bus operators, restaurants, and breweries have also been recruited to expand the network of potential freebies. The full range of benefits can be managed via the At Home in Prague app.

“Regions have expressed interest in this program. From our point of view, it seems reasonable that a tourist’s stay should be at least three nights. We want people to stay in Prague and make the most of its recreation opportunities,” Dostalova said.

She recalled that 76% of Czechs plan to spend their current vacation in the country. However, most often we are talking about boarding houses, and various campsites in nature, while large cities risk being left out.

Vouchers will be equally funded by the Ministry of Regional Development and regional capitals. Several large cities have already confirmed their participation, in particular Prague, which will allocate 50 million CZK.

By the end of this week, Dostalova will submit the program to the government, which will almost certainly approve it. If that happens, vouchers will be issued to tourists from mid-July.

During the first three months of 2021, Prague recorded an almost 94.6% decrease in tourism as compared to 2019.

That year, according to the Czech Chamber of Commerce, across the country the sector pumped CZK130 billion into public budgets and employed some 250,000 people.

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