Prague Bans Plastic Cups At Music Festivals

Prague is tired of the level of litter being produced by the lively sector of society and pushing to clean it up. The Czech Republic’s capital is now testing a law to correct the trash problem, outlawing plastic cups at Rap & Pop music festivals.

“I want to find in my responsibility all the possibilities for Prague to behave in a more environmentally friendly manner. Reducing disposable plastics is the most effective means of fighting for cleaner nature and oceans. I hope that Prague will not remain alone and inspire other organizers and operators,” Třeštíková said on the City Hall website.

The ban on plastics will include more than just cups.  No food or beverage can be sold with or in disposable plastics. It also includes a ban on plastic cutlery such as forks, spoons, and knives.

While rap and pop music festivals are highlighted by blogs, this law will affect all genres. However, the most popular music genres are likely to be the most discussed by fans and also they ‘keywords’ to help push the ‘green’ idea.

Beyond music, other artistic events will also have to adhere to the new law. No one can use plastics whether it be painting, acting, or dance related.

The replacement for plastic cups and wares at Prague music festivals has great intent but some question foresights. City officials are directing event organizers to use washable resources. Glassware, porcelain, metal, or wooden items can be used in place of plastics.

The problem with such solutions is painfully obvious, however. With the level of intoxication being high at such events, some are concerned with the concept of people having such items at their disposal.  Glassware and metals can particularly be dangerous if thrown or projected. For event organizers, this could pose new security risks.

The new law was added to event contracts beginning  May 1, 2019. This will be one of, if not the first European country to ban plastic wares since the EU’s decision to outlaw such goods by 2021.

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