Prague Approves Cooperation Agreement With Vienna

As Central European cities, Vienna and Prague are connected not only by a common history but also by a common interest in further developing friendly relations. Therefore, the City of Prague has today approved an agreement on mutual cooperation, thus continuing to formalize urban relations and address key issues of regional development.

Prague and Vienna agreed on thirteen areas of cooperation. The key topic is housing policy, and whether to support housing construction or the system of housing allocation. Another important point is waste management, and the management and maintenance of green areas in the city.

The cooperation agreement will also concern the digitization of urban areas; for example the framework of electronic building permits, transport, and infrastructure, which can be used in the case of the construction of electric vehicle charging stations or the cultivation of public space.

“I think it is important to cooperate with partners with whom we have a lot in common, whether it concerns a common past or the Central European space we share. The already proven solutions to similar problems that we face as a metropolis are then easily transferable. Moreover, Vienna has long been ranked among the top quality of life rankings, so I believe that it is a partner with whom we can inspire in many ways,” says Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of Prague.

Cooperation between the two cities has been developing successfully for a long time but has not yet been contractually anchored. With this agreement, the capital follows the trend of formalizing and strengthening inter-urban relations, such as in the Free Cities Pact, which Prague joined together with Bratislava, Budapest, and Warsaw last December.

The Prague-Vienna Cooperation Agreement also contributes to the realization of the sustainability goals defined by the United Nations in the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

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