Prague 6 Gets New Logo

The Prague 6 district has launched a new logo as part of a rebranding campaign. The preparation took more than a year.

“We want to keep up with the times, so we teamed up with experts in the field of graphic design, and in an open competition we looked for an original visual style that will faithfully portray Prague 6. The jury agreed unanimously on the winning design,” says the mayor of Prague 6, Ondřej Kolář.

The new color of Prague 6 is now green, which evokes nature and tranquility, but at the same time, it is meant to resemble a modern lively accent of urban activity. The new design will gradually be visible on social media, public spaces signs, and banners.

One of the icons of Prague 6 is the well-known Pivovar Bubeneč located a short distance from the Hradčanská metro stop.

The city district has therefore teamed up with the beer company, which has brewed a light six-degree special beer called Light Six. It contains the hop mixture Pink Boots Hop Blend, which is associated with an international independent initiative to support women in the brewing industry.

The new beer of Prague 6, which is available on tap directly in the Bubeneč Brewery, celebrates the new visual identity of the city district and commemorates the connection of Bubeneč to Prague, a hundred years ago this year.

“In the beginning, we thought about how to conceive the logo, whether to create pictograms that would look fancy. We went beyond the basic shape of the Prague 6 emblem and created a brand that seems static, but emotions are manifested in various interactions,” said Petr Krejzek from the ReDesign studio.

“Green is strictly connected to environmentalism, clean air. Stromovka and Podbaba in Prague 6 areas are perfect examples. After various discussions, we decided to add the concepts of future or energy to the logo, so we created this teal, menthol palette. It is a color that has a living potential,” added Krejzek.

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