Prague 3D Company Prints Medical Face Shields for Doctors and Nurses

3D King Josef Prusa is another person engaged in the fight against coronavirus. But his company does not prints respirators like a lot of the others; he prints protective full-face shields for healthcare staff.

Prusa Research delivered the first 80 pieces to the University Hospital in Královské Vinohrady for an initial trial.

These medical shields protect the eyes and face from coughing and sneezing, and are the perfect complement to a respirator,” he added.

As a starting point, Prusa Research is donating 10.000 units to the Czech Ministry of Health and are now sourcing more materials.

At Prusa Research, the production of 3D printers has been minimized. “Although we have a third of our production people at home and everyone else at home office, we are driving at full capacity. We just cut by-products, like spare parts. We do not produce anything other than the main products,” says Průša.

“We also launched a new quick design competition for other 3D printable designs. The main goal is to quickly produce everyday necessities that might run out during quarantine, or they may save you from a potentially unsafe trip to the store. If you are a part of a 3D printing project, please, e-mail us at – we are especially interested in designs that have been proven to work,” he added.


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