Prague 1 to Collect Face Masks on Thursday and Friday

On Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 12:00, you can donate your sewn face masks directly to the Town Hall located at Vodickova 18.

They will be brought to hospitals, nursing homes, and private citizens. We will continue to work with the same modality next week.

Today Prague City collected 170 face masks from the group  These will be delivered to hospitals in Prague 1 and other masks will be available for citizens of Prague 1.

“We have come up with this initiative to help, as far as we can, to address the lack of masks, which are the basic protection against coronavirus and donate them to the most needed. We were delighted that many volunteers were willing to help,” says Mayor Petr Hejma.

A Czech Army plane carrying 150,000 rapid test kits for the new coronavirus arrived at Prague’s Kbely airfield in the early hours of Wednesday.

The minister of the interior, Jan Hamáček, says 30 million face masks should be delivered on Sunday. These will also be available to the public.


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