Police Can Now Check if People Are Quarantining

Police officers and hygienists will check compliance with covid quarantines and isolations.

“The police will receive the lists from the regional hygienic stations and carry out intensive inspections,” said the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček (ČSSD) and the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (ANO).

“Choosing to ignore mandatory isolation and quarantine orders is not only against the law, but it’s also putting citizens, first responders, health professionals, and the most vulnerable at risk of exposure to the virus,” Hamáček added.

According to Blatný, compliance with the basic rules, including quarantine and isolation, will significantly help to relax the restriction measures adopted by the government.

How do the quarantine and isolation work?

In February, the Czech government extended quarantine and isolation from ten days to two weeks.

People who have already had Covid-19 in the last three months or who have already been vaccinated with both doses, do not need to be quarantined.

People without symptoms who have been infected need to stay in quarantine. In isolation are those in whom the infection has been confirmed.

On Thursday, March 4, the Czech Senate approved a proposal to pay CZK 370 a day to those who are ordered to quarantine. This payment is designed as a sickness allowance, to motivate people to stay in quarantine after coming into contact with those infected with COVID-19, and is valid until the end of April.

The contribution will be paid directly to employees by their employer, who will then subtract the costs from social security contributions. The bonus will not be subject to income tax and will not be included as income for the calculation of social benefits.

Latest statistics

The health ministry recorded 2,373 new COVID-19 infections on Sunday, the lowest daily tally since Decemeber 13.

The Czech Republic reported a total of 17,517 cases between Friday and Sunday, versus over 25,000 the previous weekend.

The official death toll has reached 24,810, rising by 479 since Friday morning, which also includes revisions to previous days, according to ministry data.

In total, 1.467 million infections have been recorded since March 2020.

Current hospitalizations eased to 8,007. The ministry reported 1.341 million vaccine shots have been administered.

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