Podolský Profil – Unexpected View

Are you in Prague and tired of historic houses, thousand of tourists and full restaurants? Go hiking. In Prague, yes. No problem. And you don’t have to go far from the city centre.

There is a beautiful rocky spot above the Podolí swimming pool and you can secretly watch the summer laziness from here and enjoy the beauty of nature. But be warned – this is real wilderness, so no high heels!

You can get to Podolský profil either from the Vltava river bank (which means using trams or buses), look closely at Podolí Waterworks and go up – don’t worry, it’s easy and a nice path and you navigate there by using Google Maps, or you can go from the other side of the city. Just use the underground, go to Pankrác and then it’s at your feet.

Podolský profil is a really nice lookout, there are nice paths and rocks and lots of butterflies too, and you can enjoy not only the river and city view but also the beauty of the Podolí Swimming Pool built in 1965 according to functionalist tradition, all from an unexpected angle.

Author: Irena Schlosser. You can find the original article here

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