Plzeň Busking Fest 2021 to Revive the City’s Streets in September

busking festival pilsen

The 8th edition of the Pilsen Busking Fest 2021 will take place on 2-5 September. City’s residents can watch a variety of up-and-coming performing artists on 2-5 September.

With this festival, the city’s streets will finally see the return of artists, singers, and performers who have struggled tremendously since the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to the festival’s website, Pilsen Busking Fest typically searches for young and lesser-known talented individuals. For this reason, this event differs greatly from other festivals which feature famous artists and talents. As such, Pilsen’s residents will get the chance to witness new and exciting performances by up-and-coming individuals.

Some of the performers feature the Irish/German band TAU which has reportedly promised visitors a “hypnotic experience”. The festival’s attendees can also enjoy Caribbean rhythms, reggae, and ska performed by La Orquesta Informal from the Canary Islands.

In addition to these entertainers, the German band Beranger Grasse will perform alongside drummer Todd James.

Aside from musical entertainment, the festival will also host shows by circus performers and acrobats. More specifically, Afrika Indux Malax Akrobatic is set to entertain visitors with fire, human pyramids, etc.

What is more, The Electric Brothers will juggle and unicycle. Finally, the Polish firebreather Plucie Ogniem will also perform and astonish the festival’s attendees.

Although the event is free of charge, visitors are heavily encouraged to tip performers by leaving cash in their hats. While street artists have always faced difficulties, the past year and a half has made things even worse as all cultural events were forced to come to a halt.

Therefore, it is crucial that we show our support of and appreciation for performing artists.

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