Plane From China With 1 Million Respirators Has Arrived in the Czech Republic

A planeload with one million respirators has arrived in the Czech Republic from China to help it deal with its growing coronavirus crisis, as reported by Czech Television.

More flights should follow, carrying millions of masks and other medical supplies.

According to the Minister of the Interior, three flights with similar loads should land weekly. “I’m convinced that the Czech Republic is out of the worst in terms of lack of protective equipment,” he said.

The first deliveries are already being distributed to the regions which are desperately short of respirators and facemasks.

The Czech Republic has ordered another 5 millions respirators from China along with 30 million masks and 250,000 sets of protective clothing but it will take until Sunday for the material to arrive.

On Wednesday, a Czech aircraft landed in Prague-Kbely, carrying 150,000 testings kit for the coronavirus disease COVID-19.

The tests were delivered to residents of those Czech villages that have been lockdown on Monday.

The Ministry of Health paid about CZK 14 million for 100,000 testings kit, while another 50,000 tests were paid by the Ministry of the Interior. Transport was provided by the Ministry of Defense.

Currently, there are 774 people in the Czech Republic with a confirmed infection with a new type of coronavirus.

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