Coronavirus: 150,000 Testing Kits Arrived To the Czech Republic

A Czech aircraft landed in Prague-Kbely at on Wednesday morning at 2.30, carrying 150,000 testings kit for the coronavirus disease COVID-19.

The tests will be delivered to distribution points in the morning, especially to residents of those Czech villages that have been lockdown on Monday.

As the virus spread in Wuhan, Chinese researchers developed a more rapid “point of care” screening test, which detects antibodies that emerge some time after Covid-19 symptoms appear.

A study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Virology said the test could return results within 20-25 minutes, much faster than the current standard testing.

The Ministry of Health paid about CZK 14 million for 100,000 testings kit, while another 50,000 tests were paid by the Ministry of the Interior. Transport was provided by the Ministry of Defense.

The Czech Republic wants to buy other medical supplies from China. According to Hamáček, 30 million masks could be transported on Sunday.

Other flights will be provided by Smartwings and Czech Airlines.

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