PIXAR – 30 Years of Animation in Prague

Prague Exhibition Center in Holešovice hosts a spectacular exhibition of one of the most famous animation studios, Disney’s PIXAR, since February 15th.

Pixar will allow visitors to look at some of the world’s best animators under the hood, uncover the development of popular filmmakers, introduce unique sketches and practices to create a phenomenon over the last 30 years.

Enthusiasts who visit the show will see how animated films are made and what goes into bringing the character to life. The exhibition also features a cinema called “Artscape”, where visitors see a special film in which the most famous animated characters meet on one screen. A great attraction is also a special device that allows you to see models of characters right in front of viewers. 

All this has been unavailable to millions of fans around the world and now Czechs have this unique opportunity. Pixar – 30 Years of Animation is an official travelling exhibition of significant studies. In 1995, the company introduced Toy Story to cinema screens, which was a breakthrough, and thanks to the film it completely rewrote the history of animation.

It all started with a small group of enthusiasts, but thirty years of development and work created the planet’s most famous animation studio. The world-famous studio has released a series of pictures that have been written into the hearts of the smallest children, but also adults audiences. Among the most popular films are Monsters Inc (2001) Nemo (2003),  The Incredibles (2004) or Up (2009). One of the newer films is 2017 fairy tale ‘Coco’, which will make even the hardest succumb. 

You have the chance to visit the exhibition till May 26, 2019.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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