Písecká Brána – Coffee Shop in Historic Location

This is not just another coffee shop. It is also a gallery and concert hall in a very recently renovated historic building.

This gate is the only still-standing part of a section of the fortification of Prague castle. It was built in 1721, so when you are having coffee in here, you can really feel your own historical significance. If you are lucky to be around during one of the concerts, you may enjoy the very intimate acoustics of the vaulted ceiling of the tiny hall that can host about 150 listeners. This hall is also a gallery having a new show about every two weeks.

In the summer there are two tables in front of the gate and having the coffee there is my favorite treat. Even though the Prague castle is so close to this place, you can be almost sure that you will not meet any tourist here; they will all be bypassing this place riding tram number 22 (the so-called pickpocket express) on the way to the castle entrance…

Author: Michal Lebl. You can find the original article here

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